what it was

This site was firstly built as a landing page of all websites I produced since. It was functioned as a marketing tool, or a portfolio gallery as reference for potential clients. But after several years, I'm no longer in the website business and turned into management professional, therefore this page was then kept as a testing site or other, as my hobby in webdesign.

After sometime that I'm no longer expecting visitors, it's reconfigured to contain links to other related pages on the web. Including social network pages and blogs in any kind. Maybe later, I will continue my work in flash world. Unless the flash itself extinct. Which I don't think it will in some near future.

Now, I'm redesigning this site into a medium of dakwah


what's the plan

I will start with moving some offline notes into the blogs. I need to rearrange the content into some relevant categories for readers so would be easier to read, even for my kids.

I might redeveloped the flash, so we can have greater experience in learning and doing ibadah.



Let's pray to God almighty to protect all of us from evil, destruction, immorality and all kind of menace.